The Curious Alien

In between the chaos of work, commissions, and exhibiting at comic expos and conventions I've managed to find the time to post this, the first pin up for my fantasy pin up book. The pin up is called, The Curious Alien:

Curious Alien Pin Up by *SimonBreeze on deviantART

So after many hours of test art and trying different styles and ways of pulling it all together this is the first of a whole bunch of paintings like this. The idea is to use digitally painted realistic looking art with a retro pin-up style and either a fantasy or science fiction theme. For this one, the theme was a Sci-Fi Fighter – as in kick ass sci-fi girl with a gun!

Now looking at this pin-up this theme might not be the first thing that pops into your head. However, the goal is not to create a 'modern' looking pin up but a 'classic' looking one. This changes things as there is a set way of creating the look of a classic pin up. This is why I like this project, it's a real challenge coming up with the concepts to fit each of the themes.

For this pin up there was one iconic character that popped into my head when I had a think about a strong female in a sci-fi. This then helped me think-up the modern 'nods' within the image to indicate the theme. To start with, the egg! You can't miss it can you, that sets it up nicely. The underwear is blue, which matches the uniform colouring, the shoes are a bang on (in my opinion) of those worn by the character this image is based on. Next there is the gun and finally the hair style.

Mash it altogether and you get you classic pin up with a modern sci-fi theme: Curious Alien. I think I got the balance right, the line you walk is just how many 'nods' do you put in? Too many will crowd the image, not enough and you risk people not 'getting' it.

On with the next one!


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