The Comic Expo Season Continues – Cardiff!

Wow, the dust is not even thinking about considering settling on Exeter Comic Expo and we are already getting geared up for Cardiff Comic Expo!

So this weekend I'm off over the bridge for Cardiff Comic Expo, with a list of events and creative talent that quite literary makes my head spin and is far to much to list here. So here is the link to the  website:

Welsh me up with some CARDIFF COMIC EXPO

It is going to be a great weekend, and after spending the day at Exeter Comic Expo just yesterday  I'm feeling a real good vibe for the convention and expo season this year. I will be posting about what I'm going to be up to at Cardiff later in the week and also I will be get some photos and a 'how it went' about the awesome Exeter Expo posted over the next day or two also.

So until the weekend, much to several friends and my girlfriends joy, I'm resting my voice as my throat is so sore from talking to so many folk at Exeter it feels like I've swallowed a cheese grater! 


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