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Okay in my last post I pointed out that this weekend I'm off over the bridge for Cardiff Comic Expo and I also said that I would post a heads up as to what I'm going to be up to whilst I'm there. On a similar subject, yet on a side note, for the full list of guests and events for the whole weekend, of which there are far to many to list here, here is a link to the main website:

Welsh me up with some CARDIFF COMIC EXPO

So what am I up to other than showing up and being there? Well this weekend is going to be pretty much as it was at this previous weekend at Exeter Comic Expo, as in this year I am trying something a little different at the comic cons and expos. This year I'm going to be offering, in place of sketches, specially low priced art commissions.

So what does this mean?

For you, if you take me up on the offer, a fully digitally painted piece of art either printed or as a digital file. Size and subject to be decided by you.

It's Limited!

I've just exhibited at Exeter Comic Expo and of course I'm exhibiting at Cardiff Comic Expo this weekend, one after the other. Across both events I am only offering a total of 6 slots for commissions on a first come first served bases. The reason for this is it can take 10 to 20 hours to just paint one, and I want to make sure I don't over load myself and the last person on the list is waiting too long to get their painting. Now Exeter is already in the bag and therefore I only have 3 slots left for Cardiff!

Interested What do I need from you?

start with, an idea of what you want, remember when asking I don't work for Marvel or DC or any other comic publisher and therefore can only illustrate public domain characters, creator owned (by me or you) or something made up. So don't ask me for a Spider-Man, as much as I would love creating it, Marvel will not be happy!

I need a deposit! The cost of the commission will vary, mostly due to content and size if printed. However, I'm only going to be charging half price, or maybe less if you twist my arm. I will need a deposit from you though of £10 on the day.

I will need contact details, an email address is perfect, I will give you a rough idea of when I should be starting/finishing the artwork and let you know when I do. When done I will send you a low-res and watermarked digital version. Once you're happy (I will only make a few minor changes at this stage) you PayPal me the outstanding amount and I will either get the image printed and sent to you or send you the digital file, which ever you decided on.

is it! If you are first on the list you could within just a few days of asking for the commission have some artwork like this hanging on your wall for as little as £30:

you are going to Cardiff Comic Expo and you are interested in taking me up on this offer, I wont be taking advanced orders. However you can contact me in advance and ask any questions etc you like and sort of 'place mark' a commission to confirm on the day. I will add a warning to this, I only have 3slots left and I will only hold them for the people I see in person.

addition to this, for Cardiff Comic Expo ONLY I'm going to be giving away some VERY limited  Doctor Who prints!

 How cool is that!

These are the 2 different A4 prints I will be giving away, less than 10 of each available and it will be one per person as a first come first served. The prints are never to be reproduced again and are all hand numbered too, so get your skates on if you want one.

All I need to say now is, 'See you there!'


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