The 30 Day Photo Challenge

I used to be a very keen hobby photographer, however work and life over the past few years has pushed all that aside. My expensive cameras and equipment stuffed in boxes and wedged in the wardrobe to be forgotten along with one-half of a pair of Star Wars socks. Sadly, the other sock long ago become one with the Force via a large green wheelie-bin and a girlfriend that just didn’t get my logic of, ‘Well, the other will turn up one day’, which of course it just did.

I do lament that pair of socks; they had an awesome X-Wing design on them.

Any-who, to the point.

I have decided to get back on with it, so I have been inspired to set myself a photographical challenge of taking one photo a day until the end of February. The theory being that I will carry on from there as I will have gotten back into the habit of carrying a camera everywhere I go and pointing it at things while I hope I don’t get arrested under the antiterrorism act or something equally as weird. (I know folk this has happened to).

So here are the photos from the first seven days. I tried something a bit different each time, and things should start getting better as I get back in the swing of things.

A friendly squirrel I met in the park 
monday 30012012

My son being, well... my son!
tuesday 31012012

An ace fishing pond I pass on my way to work
wednesday 01022012

Not sure what this is other than some kind of shelter in a park artistically covered in broken mirrors
thursday 02022012

A frosty park bench, the kind my mum would point out as a potential for getting piles should I sit on it
friday 03022012

A little cute bundle of snowflakes resting on a leaf – awwwww...
saturday 04022012

Me playing with lighting and my uber-cool Iron Man toy
sunday 05022012


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