30 Day Photo Challenge Week 2

Here are the photos from week two of my 30-day challenge.

I must admit, it has not been an easy week for grabbing photos due to either time or lighting or both. Therefore, I have learnt something this week. February is not always the best time of year for taking photos outside. The light is almost never there and flashes just ‘bleach’ everything to death in low light which is why I’m not too much of a fan of them.

Although this week’s photos are not that exciting, the challenge is working. I seem to have my camera most places I go now and if I should see something  worth taking a photo of I have been able to, and also I find myself thinking when I have a few minutes to hand, 'is there something I could be taking a photo of?'. So all-in-all quite good so far and the challenge is doing what I hoped it would, getting me taking photos again.

The next few weeks should see some more interesting photos as it is the start of the comic con season and I will be at a few. So expect anything from a Stormtrooper to a famous face or two and some possible weirdness that seems to crop-up at these events.

Here is this week’s photos:

Monday, a twig! Can’t really add anything more to that.


Tuesdaya duck skating on a frozen pond.


Wednesday, my daughter playing with her brother’s Star Wars toys. And by ‘play’ I mean ‘eat’.


Thursday, believe it or not this is the view from the back of the office that I work in. This view just goes for miles!


Friday, yesterdays photo was the view from the back of the office that I work in. Today's is one of the view from the front after a night of snowfall. Can you believe my colleagues that work in the city feel sorry for me stuck out in the countryside?


Saturday, my son pulling his ‘Blue Steel’  look.


Sunday, yesterday was my son, today it is the turn of my daughter. She is yet to master the ‘Blue Steel’ and so simply went for cute.


More photos next week!


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