A Space Princess Pin Up

Here is my most recent pin up, The Moon Princess:

Moon Princess Pin Up 2012 by *SimonBreeze on deviantART

This is the next one in the series of pin ups I am working on for a book (fingers crossed) due out early this year (and possibly a calender for the end of the year too). The book is going to be a mix of different types of pin up from classic to modern, to some that are a little different like this one which is clearly a fantasy sci-fi pin up.

I love my classic sci-fi, so every second I spent on this image was a pleasure and I'm very happy with the results. As I stated with my last pin up the new brushes, colours, tones, etc that I am working with are going really well and is something else I'm very happy with too. As for finding my own style? I feel this painting takes me another big step closer and within the next two or three paintings I think I will be there.

There are many influences behind this image from the Princess of Mars and Flash Gordon to Star Wars and Buck Rogers. I'm not to sure I could say that any one of these was the main drive behind the final look of the painting, I think I just took the things that I liked from all of them and mashed them together.

Something I used a lot of, more than usual, was photo reference. The photo reference that was used was not something that I 'copied' but was something that I refereed to for detail. One of the problems you can run into by using photo reference is that you just end up painting the photo, which usually ends up look a little 'stiff' and well, like a bad copy of a photo. The best way to use photo reference from my experience is just that, as a guide for detail.

The next pin up should be posted by the end of the week and is something very different again!

If you are interested in owning a print of this image you can pick one up here at my Redbubble store along with some of my other artwork.


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