Raider of the Lost Temple Pin Up

Here is my latest pin up, India Jane and the Raider of the Lost Temple (yes I know the title is cheesy):

This painting is another one for the pin up book I'm currently working on and is a bit of a cheeky take on a popular trilogy of adventure films, the forth film doesn't count if you are wondering!

As with my last few paintings I am very happy with how this one turned out, again colours, style, etc all looking like I'm on the right track to get where I want to be.

If you would like to see 'India's' not work safe version click on the following link and select to remove the not work safe filtering. This link will take you to my Redbubble page where you can also see some of my other works and even pick up some prints if you like too:

Give me an Eye Full of India!


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