New Title Incoming From Big Dog Ink!

One of my favourite comic publishers, Big Dog Ink, has a new title due out in May to coincide with Phoenix Comic Con. The new title is called Ursa Minor and appears to be a supernatural themed story, here is the official word from the website:

'In the summer of 2012 Big Dog Ink will release Tom Hutchison’s new horror mini series, Ursa Minor. In a world where vampires are an everyday part of life and werewolves are an endangered species, one girl steps forward to return nature’s supernatural balance and save a dying race from total extinction. Written by Penny for Your Soul’s Tom Hutchison and with art by Ian Snyder and Sony Merbitt and colored by Luis Guerrero, Ursa Minor will bring you back to the days of vicious vampires and dark sinister places where things still go bump in the night…'

Here is a teaser image for the comic and from the upcoming advertisement campaign that also includes Previews:

To find out more about Ursa Minor or any other of the awesome titles form Big Dog Ink you can find the website here:


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