I'll Be Back!

Here is my second centrefold and the last pin up for the book I am working on for the next two to three paintings (it all hinges on deadlines) as I work on some personal projects. The painting is called, You Could Be Mine:

I'm kinda happy with this one, and what makes me say that is I think I was a little heavy handed with the airbrush which is something I'm trying to move away from using so much. Oh those old habits die hard!

Trying to keep with a sci-fi and fantasy theme this painting has a bit of the 'Terminator' about it. As with the last centrefold there are one or two references to the franchise dotted about the image also the background is a bit of a give away.

As with my other 'adult' pin ups you can find the not work safe version by clicking on the following link and selecting the option to remove the filtering. The link takes you to my Redbubble page where you can pick up prints of this and other paintings I have worked on:

Give Me an Eye Full of that Centrefold!


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