How I Make Art – Space Battles The Final Part

Here we are!

The last session/post for my Star Trek themed space battle.

There is not to much to post in this final one. The last few stages, although important, only involve small changes and tweaks.

For example:

Adjusting the colour balance:  ctrl+b   shifting the shadow and highlight tones to make a 'cooler' image.

Adjusting the saturation of colour: ctrl+u  adding a little more colour to the image.

Slight tweak to the levels: ctrl+l   shifting the balance between the shadows highlights.

In addition to this I also added in some blur and some touch ups with a standard paintbrush. After this and a little smudging with a custom brush and all was done.

Here is the final painting, Ambush at Gamma Four:

Ambush at Gamma Four by *SimonBreeze on deviantART

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