Great Scott! A Centrefold!

Here is my latest painting for a pin up book I'm currently illustrating. The pin up is called, The Power of Love:

I wanted to do something a little different with this one, so I played about with the dimensions and came up with the idea of a centrefold. The inspiration behind this painting is from the awesome sci-fi trilogy Back to the Future (Can you spot all the references?).

If you keep up with these posts, you'll know that I am working with new brushes, colours, tones and looking to create my own style with my art. Each painting, to me, feels like I'm getting another big step towards that goal and this new one is another step in that direction.

I'm currently working on a second centrefold styled pin up, hopefully to be completed  next week. I am then planning to take a rest from pin-ups for the next two paintings, mostly because I feel I'm going to go blind if I paint many more naked ladies!

I joke, I just need to do something else for five minutes. It keeps things fresh for me.

I plan to finish my Star Trek painting that I have been working on on-and-off for a few months now, also if I have the time I have another painting for myself I want to get done.

If you want to see the, 'Not Safe For Work' version of this painting, click on the following link and then the option to remove the work safe filtering. The link will take you to my Redbubble page where, if you like, along with several other pieces of my art you can also pick up a print:

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