Digital Desire Pin Up

Here is my most recent pin up, Digital Desire:

You can clearly see the influence behind this painting: 70s Disco meets Tron!

Again, as with the last few paintings, very happy with this one and the direction my art and style are heading. If there is one thing I am always aware of when using a lot of airbrushing to create 'glow' on a dark back ground, as with this painting, is that when it is printed by some printers or displayed on certain monitors it can lose some definition and become quite a gloomy image.

To work around this I always have a duel monitor set up, one (the main monitor) is a HD screen via a HD graphics card, the second is a standard monitor. The second monitor is the key, I drop the settings on the display to a level that fits the lower quality. Then throughout the painting of the image I save a 'test' image and display it on the second monitor to make sure that the definition of the image doesn't bleed into the shadows.

If you feel the need to see 'all' of this image you can find it in all of its glory on my redbubble site, you will just need to click on the following link and then the option to remove the 'work safe' filtering:

Give Me an Eye Full of this Disco Digital Babe!

Also while you are there you can have a look at some of my other work and maybe pick up a print or some stickers and a t-shirt.


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