Desert Storm – A New Pin Up by Me!

Here is my latest rendering for the series of pin-ups I am currently working on for a book due out early this year, cleverly entitled, Desert Storm:

Desert Storm - Pin Up by *SimonBreeze on deviantART

Over the last few paintings I have created I've been working on a new technique, tones, colour pallets and new brushes. I think with this latest painting I'm almost where I want to be with the balance of all of these new elements. Something else I'm working towards is a style of my own, up to now I feel that my work has lacked this and has been a real mish-mash of ideas and styles – something I've never been to happy or comfortable with.

As any artist will tell you, you are always trying to improve and try new things. The next pin up I'm working on will hopefully take me a step or two closer to where I want to be.

As with all my art, you can find prints, posters, cards and a load of other cool things with this image on at my redbubble store: Here


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