John Carter of Mars TV Spots

Disney/Pixar have just released two TV Spots for their up coming film John Carter, that is based on the Princess of Mars and the Barsoom series of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Just click play and the TV Spots will play back to back:

If you follow my blog you will know that I have been following the development of this film and posting trailers and images for a while now. There is something about this film; the more I see of it, the more enthused I get and the more I want to watch it and see it succeed as a franchise. I really believe that we are at a time and a place with films where there could be a return to the old style of fantasy & science fantasy genres. Which would be brilliant as far as I am concerned, and about time too!

If I have one negative about these trailers, if you don't know the story they make little sense. They come across as more of an appetizer of imagery. Yet, it is still early days and a long way to go until I sit in that cinema and the lights go down...


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