Friday Flashback - Back To The Future

Friday Flashback is where I look back at the books, films, TV shows and million and one other things that have inspired me over the years in my storytelling and art. This week I'm have a look at the awesomeness that is Back To The Future:

What's not to love about this film? It was destine to become an instant classic from the moment it hit the cinema screens way back in 1985. Written by Zemeckis and Bob Gale and produced by the almighty Steven Spielberg, and staring the fantastic double act of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd along with a whole host of others. It was a fantastic mix of talent from the off and lets not forget the car too!

I don't need to explain the story, I'm yet to meet anyone in life that has not seen this film or know about it, and if you haven't seen Back to the Future, shame on you! And what have been watching at Christmas on TV??

So go watch it now! Go on, this very minute drop whatever it is you are doing and find a copy and put it on and sit back and enjoy one of the best time travel films that has ever been made.

Here are the original trailers if you should need any more convincing:

Back at the start of his film making life, Steven Spielberg produced a lot of science fiction films, Close Encounters, Jurassic Park or even ET for example. Something he managed to achieve with Back to the Future that makes it stand out from his other science fiction films is that he was able to make a science fiction film that you didn't realise was a science fiction film. The thought never even entered your head as you watched it. There is Professor Brown banging on about time travel, fracturing of time lines creating parallel worlds, 1.21 gigawatts, cause and affect and flux-capacitors like he was having a conversation about the weather!

This is what makes Back to the Future (amongst a lot of other great things) a brilliant example of how a science fiction story doesn't have to be about the science or really even focus on it and for the most part still get it right and respect it while telling a great and highly enjoyable story.



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