A Double Helping of Pin Up Art

I had a re-think recently and decided that I wasn't happy with the direction I was going with my one a month painting. I wanted it to be a challenge and a bit of fun. The original idea was 12 pin-ups, one a month, with a sci-fi and fantasy theme that fit within that month/time of the year.

I scrubbed this idea (who wants to look at classic pin up art?) and went with the October Boy image, and I really liked how it went. This month I really didn't know what to do and turned out a poor effort with Remember, Remember (short on time, ideas and truth be told I wasn't that much into the image idea).

It takes a big man to admit that they are wrong, and the way my waistline is expanding after all that Halloween chocolate treats, a big man I am. 

Taking a step back and having a re-think and spending a few late nights and in between working on commissions I managed to actually come up with the first two images (October and Novembers) as I originally planed them for this project. Here they are:

Pin Up - Oct 2011 - Trick or Treat by *SimonBreeze on deviantART

Pin Up - Nov 2011 - Rocket Queen by *SimonBreeze on deviantART

I already have about 15 more planned, so I'm going to have to drop five of them! So ideas wont be the issue, it is now just going to be finding the time!


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