Octobers Reading List

Wow, that was a quick month!

Here is this months reading list. I managed to start tackling my huge pile of trade paper backs this month from my reading pile, and if all goes to plan this will continue into November too (to most likely be replenished in December via visit from Father Crimbo!).


Action Comics (DCNU) #2
DC Universe Online Legends #15
Detective Comics (DCNU) #2
Warlord of Mars #9 & #10

Star Trek #1

Suicide Squad #1 & #2

Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #7

2000Ad prog 1754 - 1758

Judge Dredd Megazine 316

The Rinse #1
Witch Doctor #3

Graphic Novels / Trade Paper Backs

Novels/Audio Books

The Legend of

In Summary

This has been a really great month on the reading front. I have enjoyed everything I have read with the exception of one (I'll get to that in a moment). The Warlord of Mars and Dejah Thoris are going from strength to strength, the new Star Trek comic series is awesome (I'll be reviewing that one soon), the new DC line is, hmmmmm? Interesting, is that the word? And I have been loving my audio books so much I've now gone and signed up for an Audible account and am enjoying all the groovy books I can download.

The down shot this month has to be DCs Action Comics, now dropped from my pull list. What can I say? I guess the answer is, 'lots'. I could rant on all day about it, but I'm going to spare you waffle and just simply say, 'It's just not my cup-of-tea'. The Superman that is portrayed in this comic, even when he is badly illustrated, is just not my Superman.

This Months Highlight

In a total contrast to DCs Action Comics, DCs Detective Comics is flippin' amazing! This comic has jumped right to the top of my reading pile each month. This is Batman! And he is written and illustrated brilliantly.   

The new Detective Comics is a glowing example of how great the DC New 52 not-re-boot could have been. Yes the first issue plops you down a few years into Bruce Wayne's life as Batman thus missing the 'origin story', but who cares? Who doesn't know the origin story to Batman? If you are a fan of the character, the films, the TV shows or even the new video games and have thought about reading a Batman comic and don't know which one to read, Detective Comics is for you.


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