The October Boy

Here is my latest illustration, The October Boy:

Dark Harvest - The October Boy by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

This is the first image for a project of twelve images I'm putting together over the next year (see how that works). I plan to do one image each month, each image is to be based on a common theme in relation to that month and just to challenge me even more, also related to something that inspired me to become a writer or artist. Few, not to much then!

This is a challenge for me, I churn out a lot of random art of the duration of a year, sadly, this has to end as I am increasingly getting more and more work to keep me busy. Therefore, not wanting to lose touch with the random art side that I have, I came up with this idea, not only that it will be a challenge too, which is something you always need, a bit of a push out of your comfort zone now and again.

So, you may ask, what is the inspiration behind this one?

It almost goes without saying that it is October, Halloween and pumpkins! There was the starting point. Next was the subject. My first choice was the headless horseman from the classic tale Sleepy Hollow, I had to skip on that one for various reasons soon to come to light. Next was another book that I like to read around this time of year: Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge.

It is a fantastic book, very creepy, very scary and above all - brilliant.

November... Hmmm... Best get my thinking cap on!


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