JessieKane Going Brutal!

Okay it has been over a week since the webcomic disappeared, so where are we?

Currently I'm working on a massive load of concept art for the explosive first issue of the comic. I will be posting as much of the concept art as I can as and when it gets completed. I know I have posted this one before, but this is to give you an idea of the type of thing I am working on:

This is a Brute, the genetically enhanced troops that fight along side the humans in the near future apocalyptic, Third World War. I also will have some more concept art to post before the end of this week, in particular the human troopers.

Something else I am hoping to do over the next few weeks is give you a peek at the changes to some of the pages and some of the extra pages that are to be included in the first issue and also which comic label JessieKane will be now calling its home.


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