Gorilla War - Kane Concept Art

Here is the latest in the concept art for the JessieKane comic, the character of Kane:

Kane is one of the 'heroes' of the comic. If I am honest, I was never really happy with how he looked in the original webcomic series. The move of JessieKane to a comic publication has given me the opportunity to address this and finally be very happy with his look.

Kane is a reconnaissance or 'scout' Brute (Brutes are genetically engineered soldiers that look like human/ape hybrids) and as such is, unlike the other Brutes, in need of a lighter armour. However, I didn't want it to be too different to the full combat armour worn by the other Brutes and so I have mirrored several of the key features of the full armour across onto the lighter version.

The next concept is going to be Jessie Jones, our second hero, who has also seen one or two minor changes to her look too. Finally, talking of minor changes, something else I'm planning to post soon is a little more detail about the tweaks to the story and the comic.


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