24 Hours To Go Until The Big Event


Only 24 hours from now the doors open at BristolCon11, the Science Fiction and Fantasy convention held by the Bristol Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, and one of my favourite conventions no less too. Last years was nothing short of brilliant and this years is already looking like it is going to top that with just a quick glance at the planned program of events, panels and guests. 

What am I up to though?

Well, I'm up to a few things this year. My main goal however is not to embarrass myself in front of one of my art heroes Jim Burns, like I did with Joe Abercrombie last year by turning into a jabbering fanboy! If your wondering why I have singled him out from all of the other fantastic guests that are attending, Jim Burns is pretty much where it all started for me when it comes to my love of fantasy art. Many years ago when I was a young boy, my father picked up a book call Fantasy Art Techniques that featured many artist such as Chris Foss, Boris Villagio and Jim Burns.

Although all of these artist are a great inspiration to me and my work Jim Burns, to me, took it to another level. His work made me want to not only look at Sci-Fi and Fantasy art, but create it. To this day I have been a follower and admirer of his work and so getting to meet such an inspirational guy is going to be something nothing short of amazing.

To start the day off though, I'm going to be on one of the panels talking about something that I am very passionate about, 'When Did Science Become the Bad Guy?'.  I am really looking forward to taking part in this discussion and was very excited to have been included on the panel. The panel starts at 10:00am, it is just under an hour and is looking at why science seems to have become unfashionable and is now suffering from funding cuts. A, 'When and how did science lose its cool?' so to speak.

Once I have done this, and in between dodging in and out of a few other panels,  I'm going to be doing some on the spot drawing for anyone who is interested. Yes, my art hero is in the building and I'm going to be drawing in front of him! No pressure then! If you like though, you can grab yourself a sketch by yours truly, I'll be doing free and paid for sketching. Yes that's right FREE ones too! No excuse not to walk away with some original art then from anyone.

I think that's it!

Now back on with packing my gear and making sure everything is sorted for the set-up later today.

It is going to be a great event and I hope to see you there, and you can find out more about the event  here.


  1. Looking forward to catching up with you! (and don't worry, I did the jabbering fangurly thing to Joe too last year, and I'm supposed to be the cool level-headed organiser ;) And David Roden did it to Al Reynolds, we're not alone!)


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