Time Runs Out For Doctor Who Confidential

 When I read this this afternoon on the Guardian Today website I thought I'd misunderstood. But no, I hadn't. That's it, this weekend sees the last Doctor Who Confidential airing on BBC Three following the final episode of Doctor Who series 6: The Wedding of River Song.

I'll be sad to see the fantastic peek behind the scenes show go. It has brought me many hours of entertainment and added so much more to each episode of Doctor Who, cast and crew interviews, how the special effects worked, little bits that didn't quite make it into the show, a wealth of information and entertainment.

Doctor Who Confidential was always a relaxed and fun look at all of the hard-hard work the guys and girls put in to making Doctor Who the brilliant TV show that it is. I remember meeting the team behind the Doctor Who Confidential at the Cardiff studios a year or two ago, a great bunch of very hard working people who love what they do, and it shows in the program that they produced.

It is a great shame and a loss. However, the BBC budgets are getting slashed all over the place and it seems that Doctor Who Confidential is just sadly another one on the hit list. I just hope that one day, and sooner rather than later, someone sees the error of this decision and reverses it.

You can read the article here.


  1. Perhaps you could commemorate the show by sharing some photos from the time you visited the team on set in Cardiff?


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