Oi George! ...Noooooo!

It is said that Inspiration can strike at odd times. Right now I'm working on a load of Star Wars art and this popped into my head quite randomly and I managed to squeeze it in:

George (Lucas) has been at it again with the release of the Star Wars Saga on Blu Ray and has made a few 'tweaks' to the films once again. Me? I'm not bothered, they're his films and so he can do what he likes with them and the reality is for me that I really like the changes. I will admit though I am a little uncomfortable with the Darth Vader 'Noooooo!' in Jedi. It will grow on me, and it is a bit like a new pair of underpants. At first uncomfortable, but soon they become apart of you and you don't notice they're there.

Here is the clip for those who haven't seen it yet:


  1. This is a fairly dramatic piece of artistic licence -- it changes the whole feel of the moment. A simple “No way, man!” from old Darth would have sufficed.


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