Looking for Artists and Writers

I've been planing for a while now to put together a spotlight on my blog of artists and writers, it is my way of giving back I guess.

Each month, if all goes to plan, I aim to feature two spotlights: one on a writer and one on an artist. The spotlight is planned to consist of a few questions about the artist or writer and the opportunity for them to feature and promote some of their work.

New, old, established, hobbyist, professional... Doesn't matter!

If you're happy to do it and you want your work out there or even if you have a project that you want to promote, here is your opportunity.

If all goes well and there is enough interest I have several ideas to expand this in the future.

Drop me a message or leave me a comment here if you want to be involved or ask any questions.

Thanks in advance and feel free to spread the word too.


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