How much Batman in One Day

To start with here is the New Batman: Arkham City Trailer. I challenge anyone who watches this new one not to want to play this game:

How amazing does that look!

I'm a huge fan of the first game Arkham City, and I've just pre-ordered this one too. I Cant wait:

The second thing I can't wait for and has me all squirmy like a kid on Christmas eve is the new Batman film: The Dark Knight Rises. It seems some photos of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman have sneaked out from the set this weekend. I have been avoiding spoilers for this film like the plague, and I only mention it here because I've noticed that she is getting some flack over the costume:


I think it is ace!

I am a big fan of Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns, and I have to say from these photos Anne Hathaway is pulling off the Catwoman look as well (if not a little better than) Michelle Pfeiffer did back in the day. Forgive me, it is Anne Hathaway, I think she would look good in an old potato sack!

(Photos source: Bleeding Cool Comics)


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