Gears of War 3 - Dust to Dust

I have been playing video games since they were invented, and I have seen a lot come and go and the face of gaming change from a small white dot and a stick to an almost real and immersive environment beyond imagination. The story telling and the charters that we find in our modern video games now far surpass that of any film that hits the big screen. Think about it, it cost me £10 to watch Avatar in 3D. I liked it and it was a few hours of enjoyable entertainment. 

My first copy of Halo

£30 and it had (and still has) hundreds of hours of entertainment, with a much better story too! 

If you had asked me a few years ago, what my favourite video game was? Well, it would have been the Halo series. 


Gears of War - hands down and without question! 

The Gears of War series is coming to an end with the third and final instalment (out September 20th) and I haven’t been this keen to see how a trilogy ends since I queued up for half a day to watch The Return of the Jedi at the cinema. When I watched the trailer for Gears of War 3 I did wonder if someone somewhere was going to make a film? Then just as quickly dismissed it, what would be the point? I genuinely don’t believe it could be done, and even if it were it would be a diluted version not worthy of merit. 

It kind of gets me thinking how much longer cinema has got left in it? Can it compete with the video game market that is already making more revenue, producing better value entertainment and storytelling products? 

Oh well, just a thought!

If you are wondering I have pre-ordered a copy, I can’t wait and here is the most recent trailer:


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