The Death of the 11th Doctor

The Death of the 11th Doctor...?

Here we are then. This is it. This weekend in the episode, The Wedding of River Song where we find out once and for all if the 11th Doctor dies!

I know, I know. Matt Smith is signed up for the next series and as you read this is already filming the Christmas special. How does he get out of it? That is the big question isn't it.

A Picture from the filming on the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special

If the roller-coaster of a series has been anything, it has been made for DVD. Don't take that the wrong way. It has been made for DVD in a good way! Since the 11th Doctor blazed onto our TV screens only a short while ago each episode has left a trail of breadcrumbs for us the viewer to follow. Small indicators as to what is really going on, some hidden, some obvious.

Small tell-tails such as the Flesh – who can you trust? One episode the Doctor hates apples, another he is loving them. Another one has him unable to complete a Rubic Cube, an episode or two later he finds and completes one in an eye blink. The other Tardis half complete, the Silence creature unseen in that very same episode talking to Amy...

...Ah. That's got you thinking hasn't it?

Hence my statement about these two most recent series being made for DVD. There is so much re-watch value, go back and watch the episode The Lodger. Amy Pond is clearly talking to a Silence creature inside the Tardis in between talking to the Doctor over the phone-comm thingy she has. Something that you would never have picked up on until the following series when the Silence creatures are introduced. Not only is there the re-watch value, but also I get the feeling, more so with series five and the first half of series six, that it all makes a lot more sense when watch in a short space of time other than in week long gaps between episodes as it airs live.

My theory?

I haven't got a clue!

If Steven Moffat's past genius is anything to go by then  he's got somthing brilliant up his sleeve - and it involves eye patches!

2|entertain have also announced some details about the DVD and Blu Ray Series 6 Complete Box Set that will be available in November and is availble to pre-order now:

Here is what they have to say:

'...All 13 episodes of Series 6 together with host of exclusive extras arrive on DVD and Blu ray from 21st November...'

'...Doctor Who Complete Series 6 Boxset showcases a wealth of added bonus material including 13 Doctor Who Confidential’s for each episode, last year’s Christmas episode, A Christmas Carol, 4 Monster Files and 4 episode commentaries. Also, never been seen before, five specially written and created mini episodes entitled Night and the Doctor - a series of short films written by show frontrunner Steven Moffat exclusively for the DVD release...'

'...Doctor Who Complete Series 6 is also available in a Limited Edition numbered Boxset that features a Silence head in terrifying 3D as well as four lenticular art cards!...'

Which will look like this:

(To see how cool they are and see them animate click on the image to enlarge)

Source - blogtorwho


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