The Count Down To The Apocalypse Begins...

If you take a short hop over to the JessieKane website today you may have noticed a distinct lack of JessieKane about the place, no update to the webcomic pages, downloads and archive are gone, where is the shop...

...In fact...

...Hey, wait a minute! 

Where has all that awesomeness gone...?! 

Give me back my monkey and girl in hot-pants you!

In the very words of the late great Douglas Adams


JessieKane is on a holiday for a brief period before the most amazing fantasticness happens in that it becomes a comic that will be available in print and as a digital download! In the words of Jessie – Tidy!

The best place to see how things are going is by following the updates here on my blog, however I will post some updates at the website until the first issue of the comic becomes available (issue #0, planned to be a few weeks after the posting of this notice). At which point the site will vanish in a poof of internet magic!

Thank you to everyone and their continued support, feel free to ask any questions you may have and strap yourselves in for the craziness to continue in just a few short weeks time!


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