A Matter of Honor

Here is my latest rendering for this years Bristol Con, A Matter of Honor:

A Matter of Honor by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

This one came about while I was searching for inspiration for my next Trek themed image for the convention. After my last few of the more classic Star Trek starships I wanted to tackle something from the more modern styled Trek universe. This is when I got chatting to a writer of Trek fiction on Deviant Art under the pen name of turbulence1973.   

The rest as they say is history, and here is the first of two images that I'm basing on turbulence1973's short stories, the USS Honor.

When I pull my art together I try and make it fit one of two simple ideas and build from there. Is it going to be a pretty picture or a book cover?

The last two Star Trek images fall very much under the first, pretty picture, while with this second one I aimed for a book cover style. Which is not how it started!

The original image started out as another panoramic starscape with a sweeping view of the USS Honor from an askew angle as it adventures into the unknown. Well that was the idea anyway. I don't know how many times I must re-render the Honor in various angles before I chucked in the towel and re-thought the whole thing. Which is a shame as I spent hours painting an awesome starscaped background for it!

My next plan was to have the Honor warping through space out of the image, and this is kind of what I did. I wanted to do something different though, this is where the coloured lighting came in, Red, Blue and Yellow. I wanted the red and blue to be the dominant colours as they contrast very well against one another. I also wanted to add that 'classic sci-fi' look to the rendering too despite the very modern ship. This is where the twinkling stars, glow and blur came into play. Once that was all sorted it was just then a matter of bringing it all together.

name, A Matter of Honor, comes from an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation, (episode #33 if you're curious). What can I say? It was made for it!


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