Jessiekane #25 Out Now!

Okay, what's going? It's Friday!?

Yes it is, and being me and liking to change things up a gear or two from time to time with JessieKane, and here is my latest gambit. All be it (for now) an ongoing feature of a strip on Fridays. However, it won't be on every Friday. #25 How to Make Friends and Influence People is  the first part of a six strip story that will be popping up in between the stories in the main strip on Wednesdays. This means that there could be one next week followed by one a few weeks later.

So why have I done this?

For this first six part story it works as part of the 'telling' because each part is a stand alone part of the bigger story, each part taking place days or weeks apart from each other within the continuity of the JessieKane world. Going forward from this, using Friday as a random strip day gives me the opportunity to upload the spoof adverts and one page pinups without disrupting the weekly strip as it has done in the past.

See, and you thought I just made it all up as I went along. Shame on you. 

So here is this weeks strip, #25 How to Make Friends and Influence People 1 of 6, found as always at



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