Darth Vader Lord of the Sith

Here is my recent rendering for Bristol Con, Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith:

Darth Vader Lord of the Sith by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

My plan was originally to go to Bristol Con with a Star Trek theme to my work. However, I got halfway through my next Star Trek piece and felt a bit, 'Treked out' and so I turned my attention to this one. It still kinda fits the theme, it has 'Star' in the series title at the least.

I've been working on this image of Darth Vader on and off now for a few months and decided to get it finally finished. Oddly, as I've been finding recently with my work, I like how this one came out. I really like the blend of colours, it adds a good contrast in the lighting that makes you wonder just what Vader is looking at.

I very much enjoy illustrating Vader, ever since I was a kid and would doodle him all over my school books. What makes him great to paint/draw to me is two fold. Firstly he is quite an emotional character, you can pose him violently, angry or broody easily. All very powerful emotions which lend to some great imagery. Secondly, Vader is great to paint/draw because of his armor. The shape of it is awesome, if at times a pain to draw. However, the great thing about it is the reflections you get on its surface. Do it right with a good mix of lighting it can make a very dramatic image, hopefully that's what I've got here.

The title of the image? It might seem quite an obvious one and I guess it is. I got it from a Star Wars figure of Vader I picked up as a kid many years ago. On the backing card it had Vader's name presented as, 'Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith'. Back then in the late 70's early 80's no one knew what a Sith was, which lead to a very curious six year old making up all kinda stories in his head, and it has stuck with me ever since.


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