Where Silence Has Lease

Here is my first painting for the Bristol Sci-Fi and fantasy Convention (Bristol Con11) later this year, Where Silence Has Lease:

Where Silence Has Lease by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

As I've said in an earlier post, I'm going for a Star Trek theme (mostly) this year and I thought what better way to start of than with the ship that started it all, the Enterprise A.

I really-really enjoyed putting this image together and I'm really looking forward to the other half a dozen that I have planned. For me the interesting part of the creation of this image was a sudden realisation of how much I was enjoying painting a spaceship!

Back in the day it was all I would draw and paint. Spaceships, robots, alien worlds and outer space, and somehow that got side tracked into painting characters - which has been my main focus for several years now. I think in the future I will be painting a lot more of this type of thing over character images as I have enjoyed it so much and the final image is just so dammed cool (even if I say-so myself).

Next up is a Klingon ship, I'm thinking Bird of Prey maybe...

... And if your curious, the painting title comes from an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation.


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