A Grissom Death

Here is my latest Star Trek rendering for the up and coming BristolCON, A Grissom Death:

A Grissom Death by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

Those Star Trek fans amongst you will already have guessed that it as a Kilngon Bird of Prey, made popular by the Star Trek film franchise, and later to make more appearances with the TV shows, like The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

I have always admired this ship ever since I was a kid and I saw it in the film The search for Spock. I think it comes from the fact that the design is so different to every other ship within the Star Trek universe. Not only that, like with so many of the ships from Star Trek, it is a brilliant design.

For this image I wanted to put in some action and I though what would be better than to have the Bird of Prey swooping from the exploding remains of a Federation ship! Again, like with my most recent rendering of the Enterprise A, I had a great time putting this image together and I am itching to get on with the next one.

If you are wondering about the title it is play on words from the film, The Search for Spock. The film sees the first time a Bird of Prey makes an appearance in the Star Trek universe, and one of the key things things that it does is to destroy the unsuspecting USS Grissom as it sits in orbit above the doomed Genesis world. Awesome stuff!


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