The Delta Flyer

I'm a huge Star Trek fan, and I thought this year for the Bristol Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention (Bristol Con11) I might go with a Star Trek theme. I also love space ships and Star Trek has some of the best! So here is my practice piece before I try and tackle something like the Enterprise or a Klingon Bird of Prey. The Delta Flyer from Voyager:

Delta Flyer - Star Trek by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

I'm actually very happy with how this one came out. I started on a runabout from Deep Space Nine, and things very quickly grew out of control. I ended up putting the Deep Space Nine space station in the background, then the wormhole... oh-my, before I knew it, it had become a mammoth piece of work and I ended up dropping the project for something smaller in scale.

I did toy with the idea of having the Delta Flyer dodging through astroids, but decided stick with the idea of keeping it simple, I even toned down the nebular in the background. I have already had some nice feedback from one or two places that host my art. I think this is the happiest I have been with an image I have produced in quite a while.

So it is looking like a Star Trek theme for Bristol then! I guess the only dilemma is which of the A through E Enterprise to render?


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