This Months Reading List – June

I'm trying something a little different for this month with the reading list, as in posting it later in the month so more of a, 'this is what I've read' other than, 'this is what I plan to read'. Although saying that, there is still a little bit of that last one in there too.

I'm also adding images of the covers where I can get them and I'm also toying with adding links to online shops where you can pick up copies too.

Anyway, here is the list, and as in the past, some of these maybe getting a review over at the excellent Escape From Tomorrow comic, TV and film review spot.


LD30 and 2 Dark – A Glitchwerk and Newbreed One Shots

Elephantmen – Questionable Things #2 of 7

Free Comic Book Day – The Amazing Spider-Man

Free Comic Book Day – The Green lantern

2000AD Prog #1737 – #1740
Judge Dredd Megazine #312 

Planet of the Apes #1 – Boom! Studios

Dogbreath #23 – Future Press

Zar Jaz #10 & #11 – Future Press

The Avengers #7 – Marvel

My Name is Chipmunk #1 – Wildways


Gears of War Book Two – DC


Ultramarines Omnibus – The Black library


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