Power Girl Sketch

Okay, I must confess, for those that care (and I'm sure there must be maybe one of you out there, my ego wont allow me to think any less) you may have noticed that, despite my post stating that the daily sketch will be returning – well, simply it hasn't!

The reason is a simple one, the fifteen to twenty minutes spent on each of those sketches each day has been gobbled up by work commitments and commissions – and the new eating and pooping machine that is my baby daughter!

So my plan is to post as much of my art as possible as it gets created in place of the daily sketch, because to be honest,  I am having to create a lot of art at the moment, and luckily, unlike some recent concept art I have worked on, I am allowed to post most of it.

So let's kick off with DC's Power Girl. This is a sketch I did in a round-about way at my recent weekend at the Bristol Comic Expo:

I really like the way Power Girl has come out in this one. I did toy with the idea at the time of a cheesecake pin-up pose, but everyone seems to do that with Power Girl (can't think why?). So instead I went with a nice 'floaty in the clouds' pose.


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