Dragon Slayer - Fantasy Pin Up

Here is my next digitally painted Fantasy Pin-Up:

Dragon Slayer by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

As with the last one, very much a learning experience for me. Once again painted with no snifter of an airbrush - I miss that tool, they are awesome for blending and adding lots and lots of thin layers of colour!

There are one or two things I think turned out well with this painting. To start with I'm really chuffed with the expressions on both the dragon and the girl, the pouty yet upset look on the girl especially backed up by the stance full of attitude.

The other thing I really like about this painting is the colours, if you have read the post with my last Fantasy Pin-Up you may notice that I mention that I am trying a new colour pallet with my work. Well despite it being a huge struggle to figure out how to get the colour I want sometimes, I think that it is working really well and this painting is a good example of that.

I think over all these pin-ups are proving a great 'training ground' for trying out new things, colours, brushes, styles and putting detail in the right place! Again, I am a bugger for filling everything with as much detail as I can so painting a background in a few 'block' colours and than adding in a flicker of detail is something new to me, and very cool I feel too! I think if there is one main lesson I'm taking away from these first two pin-ups is that a splodge of detail in the right place has more impact than an image full of detail. Ramble over, more art to come soon!


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