Bristol Comic Expo 2011

I made it! Yes two days of hard work to top off the weeks of late nights of painting and sketching to get there, but it was all well worth it in the end, and this year’s Bristol Comic expo was AWESOME - quite possibly the best one yet!

It was a fantastic weekend where I had the chance to meet some friends, colleagues and some fantastic people, writers and artists, and I would like to say thank you to you all for making it such a brilliant weekend.

Things went really well from landing some work to sneaking into the Doctor’s TARDIS all the way to watching Stormtroops ushering busy Saturday Bristol traffic with the classic phrase of, ‘Move along. Move along...’ to meeting PJ Holden and landing a sketch of, ‘Old Stony Face’ from him. It was a busy-busy few days.

you follow me on face book I have uploaded a load of photos from the event, if not, here are my favourite five from the weekend (I was going to go with three, but there are just too many to pick from that I liked), and for an in depth review, pop over to my fave comic, TV and film review blog Escape from Tomorrow for all of the inside scoop from the event.

One of the Coolest Batman Cos-Players I've Seen Yet

Jonny Alpha! You don't see many of these at a Comic Expo - more to the shame!

How cool is this Alien! It freaked one of my friends rightout!

Don't mind if I take this for a spin, do you Doctor?

My fave Cos Play from the weekend, this is the most awesome Robin I have seen so far!


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