Wow, some art! I know it has been a while since I last posted any artwork other than sketches and work related to my webcomic, but hay, I've been busy working on some concept art that I'm not allowed to post anywhere cos it is secret squirrel level eyes-only type thingy.

Any-who, to the art:

This is a one off 'fan art' for a Sky Arts competition of Baby Doll from the new film, Sucker Punch. The art contest has quite an open remit, so I stuck to my guns and did something that I am comfortable with because I only had the one evening to get it done in (busy see). So I went with a female character, I wanted to do something Manga related, hence her face and body shape, and this lead to the idea of Baby Doll. Not only that, I wanted a character that would be instantly recognisable, purely from the point of view of that if it was a random Manga girl, it may get over looked. However, Manga girl from new smash hit film, may cause the judges to pause a moment and take a look. Of course, this may hinge on if they had seen the film and liked it or not!


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