Oh Rats!

Here is an odd one for today’s concept art, a giant mutant rat:

These guys range in size from your average domestic rat, right up to the Rancor from Jabba’s dungeon size!

This is the last of the concept art for now, that is not to say I’m not going to be uploading anymore next week, but it will be finished art and not concept, and strictly speaking, that’s not quite true either. I do have some other concept art to upload, however it is related to a different project I am currently working on, one, which I can say even less about! The art looks cool though. I hope that makes some sense?

Any-who, I have a Superbowl to prep for, come on Pittsburgh! So I must dash, beer to chill and a sofa to keep comfy until 3am, the only way to watch it is live you know. However, I will be posting more about Jessie Kane and the art I have have been uploading all this week very soon for those that are curious, plus some more art, as already mentioned, so keep your eyes peeled.


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