The Venus Man Trap!

My first piece of art for the New Year!

The Venus Man Trap by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

This year my plan is to create less random art and remain more focused upon key renderings, so I guess less self indulgent with my work. This image came about from that theory. The Venus Man Trap started out life as an image to be mounted as an almost life size cardboard stand-up to display at events. The original image had no background, only the guy, girl and the 'base' made of rock and the alien creature. This left the image with a simple white background so that when the image was trimmed for the stand-up, you got a nice clean edge around the characters.

However, for now I have put that idea on the back burner for a future project, you'd be horrified at how much these things cost to make so I only want to do it once if I can, and that left me with these two cool characters stood on a rock with an alien and not much else going on, 'What a waste.' I thought.

So I painted in a background that I felt fit the image, which in a round about way generated the title and setting of the piece on the planet Venus. That acid yellow sky and green plant-like monster, all very much the old skool view of the planet. Sadly all very different to the reality of it, there isn't even any Venus slave girls on the real one, just acid rain and an out of control global warming system that will cook you welldone in a heartbeat. Hence why the fantasy is always the better version, from the slave girl point at least, acid rain is quite cool though!


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