Taking the Knight off...

Here is the latest upload to my gallery, Stephanie Brown - Gotham City U:

Stephanie Brown - Batgirl by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

I had to practice my likeness of Stephanie Brown (the current Batgirl in the DC Comics Universe) for a project I am working on. This was the one I settled on, and I liked it so much, that although this is not the final image I was working towards, I thought I would share it anyway.

The premise behind this image was a simple one, it was, ‘What would Stephanie do on her nights off from fighting crime?’ In the comic series Batgirl I have noticed that Stephanie seems to be a fan of the Dark Knight Detective, there always seems to be posters on her bedroom wall, etc... This gave me the idea of her lounging about on her bed reading Batman comics when she was taking it easy. She is s student at Gotham City U (University), there is the top, she likes the colour purple, and there was the rest of it.

More Superhero art comic soon!


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