Jessie Where’s Your Trousers?

As I said in my last post just yesterday, lots of concept art to upload this week. Today’s is of Jessie, the second half of the Jessie Kane duo.

Now, you may be wondering why knickers and nothing much else on the poor girl, she could catch a cold if she went out like this after all! This sentiment may apply to Kane too, except being a seven and a half foot tall hairy ape, and despite only being dressed in boxers, he might be a bit warmer than poor Jessie here.

These two concepts were just to get the body, face, etc right of both characters, especially in the case of Kane, I had to work out the anatomy of a huge ape/humanoid (not as easy as it sounds). Now that that is done, it is time to take it to the next stage and get some clothing sorted too, of which if all goes to plan; you should be seeing Kane all war-geared up in a post tomorrow.


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