January Reading List

Here is this month’s reading list, there is a carryover from last month, but hay, it was the holidays! For the most part, I found the time to get through the mammoth list I had for December, a bit of a smaller list this month. There are several things I am looking forward to from this reading list, one thing (for one reason or another) is the final volume of Ultimate Spider-Man! As a title, I have been reading it now for many years, and it has been a rollercoaster ride at times. For the most part though, fantastic, and Spider-Man will always be (despite the new film) one of my favourite superheroes.

Let’s start with the comics:

Black Panther – The Man Without Fear! #513
Morning Glories #1
2000AD Progs 1715 to 1719
Judge Dredd Megazine #306
Gears of War #15
Jonah Hex #63
Lady Mechanika Cover A (Benitez) #1
Untouchable One-Shot #1
Vampirella (2010 Series) #2
Warlord of Mars #3
Murky depths #1

Trade Paper Backs (Or if you prefer, Graphic Novels):

Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 22
Armageddon Patrol Book 1
The Boys Volume 7
The Force Unleashed II
ABC Warriors The Volgan War Volume 2


Ultramarines Omnibus – (Book one down and stalled in book two, I’m sure with this month’s White Dwarf I’ll be spurred on to pick this brilliant book up and carry on).

Some of these will be getting the review treatment as and when, I will post the links etc as this happens for those that are interested.

Now on with Spidy’s death! (Should I have said Spoiler somewhere?)


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