2011... ...And Still No Rocket Powered Backpacks!!

Another year gone, another one just started, and fingers crossed many more to go!

I had lots and lots of brilliant ideas of what this post should be about, all of them genius ways of looking back of the last 12 months and then looking forward to the next 12. Then the thought struck me, like a toddler head butting me in the family jewels as he comes in for what is presumed to be a loving hug (if you winced just then, you know what I’m talking about). If you want to know what I’ve being doing over the last 12 months, just read my archived blog posts! As a popular meerkat once said, ‘Simples.’

This left this post a little shorter than planned, and not as fun, or so I thought.

To start with, I guess it is time to make a few announcements for a few fun events for 2011.

Expos and Events:
I am confirmed already at the following expos and conventions this year:

Exeter Comic Expo in February – Find out more about this event HERE

Bristol International and Small Press Comic Expo 2011 in May – Find out more about this event HERE

Not as yet got a tick next to my name, however, I am going to be there, just you try and stop me!

The Bristol Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention: BristolCon11 in October– Find out more about this event HERE

The birth of my yet to be named daughter in April, that one I am going to be at for sure, otherwise I think I’ll be finding somewhere else to live. (See how I’ve slipped that one in).


I have two books plan to be published this year (Both well past the original planned date, welcome to the world of publishing Simon!), the Books are:

Azmath: The Tale of the Necromancer’s Eye


The Doorway

More to come on both of those nearer the time, I could ramble for ages about both, so I thought better to do that in context!

(Also have something else in the pipeline, workloads and everything to dictate if this little side project comes to fruition this year or not. Any-who just a little tease, it is called: Jessie Kane Vs...)


Lots and lots ongoing with this, currently I am wading my way through art for expos, events, commissions, and illustrations for above-mentioned books. However, I am always open to offers!

Right, business out of the way, now onto the fun!

I am going to reflect back, though not on my year, more on what my Sci-Fi promised me and failed to deliver by 2011 (hence the post title). Here is my top five for 2010:

#5: Replicants! A replicant is a bioengineered being created in the film Blade Runner (1982). Promised to be here now and working as my sexy robot slave as I dwell in luxury in the outer colonies. Well where is it then? The closest we have got is a sheep, let’s not even go there!

#4: Hover Cars! We can put a man on the Moon with less technology than it takes to power a modern kettle, yet we cannot make a car float a few inches off the ground! Somebody is not trying hard enough somewhere, that is all I can say.

#3: A Moon Base or Colony on Mars! Come on NASA! It took humans less than 60 years to go from the Wright brothers’ first flight to putting a man on the Moon. The best we have managed so far is to probe Mars and prove that all that methane is not in fact alien farts, but just a natural occurrence, we think? How many billions has that cost?

#2: Rail Guns! My bad! We do in fact have big fat rail guns! God bless the United States Navy and their ingenuity. Now all we need is some aliens to shoot them at!

#1: Rocket Powered Backpacks! We all want one, I’m sure someone out there knows how to do it, stop holding back! How awesome would it be to show up to work one morning with one of these on your back?

Any-who, that’s enough from me for now. Happy New Year, more posts to come soon, and who knows, I may just see you at one of the expos or conventions later this year.


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