Who Watches the Watchmen?

Here are my two latest artworks, Dr Manhattan and Sally Jupiter from the comic series The Watchmen:

Sally Jupiter Pin Up by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

Dr Manhattan - Watchmen by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

I put these two images together for the Watchman themed Exeter Comic Expo that is being held in February next year where I will be displaying my work. Both images are going to be available as prints, more on that nearer the time, and for the curious here is the link to the website for the event: LINK

I decided on two images, the first of which was the original Silk Spectre – Sally Jupiter. The reason I opted for Sally over her daughter was that her character offered more scope for an image, in this case a classic pin-up, as I felt it really fit her personality from not only the comic, but also the film. You could easily see her doing this sort of thing. The art was nice and straightforward for me, being a fan of classic pin-up art and the simple over all look that the style presents, also using my favoured colour palette of red and yellow, it was a pleasure to illustrate.

Dr Manhattan was also a great pleasure to illustrate too, taking my newly created colour palette of blue and purple for a second spin (See, told you it was quite striking). I went for an old school fantasy art feel with this image, simply as I really like creating art in that style. The big dilemma with this one was, underpants or no underpants? In the end, as you can tell, I went for no underpants, I felt it was truer to the character, and besides, I got to paint my first blue male genitals, not many people can boast that!


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