My December Reading List ...


Despite self-doubt, long working hours and one bit of a bonkers month, I have managed to find the time to complete my reading list for November, without rushing too...!

...Now on to December’s mighty banquet of reading!

Let’s start with the comics:

Jonah Hex #61 & #62
Star Wars Blood Ties Tale Jango & Boba Fett #4 of 4
Terminator 1984 #3 of 3
Vampirella (2010 Series) #1
Warlord of Mars #2
Gears of War #14
Grimm fairy Tales Halloween Special #2
Grimm fairy Tales Bumper Sized Holiday Special
Lady Mechanika #0
The Hero discovered MAGIC #1 (1 for 1 Dollar)
Youngblood #1 (1 for 1 Dollar)
Dead @17 #1 (1 for 1 Dollar)
Hack/Slash #1 (1 for 1 Dollar)
2000AD #1715-17 & Crimbo Special
2000AD Megazine #305
Murky depths #1

Trade Paper Backs (Or if you prefer, Graphic Novels):
Gears of War Volume 1
Ultimate Spider-Man #21
Ultimate X-Men #14

Ultramarines Omnibus – (Book one down, already into book two and loving it!)

Well there you have it, quite a list to get through before the New Year, and I’m sure with Crimbo only a few weeks away there will be some more titles added to the list too, which will mean some carry over to next month’s list no doubt. Some of these will be getting the review treatment as and when, I will post the links etc as this happens for those that are interested.

The only problem now is where to start?


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