My Cover for Salon Futura Issue #4

Here is my cover for Salon Futura issue #4:

Cover For Salon Futura Dec'10 by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

Salon Futura is an online magazine devoted to the discussion of science fiction, fantasy, and related literature, and can be found HERE

Issue #4 with my cover art can be found HERE

It was very interesting how this came about, I met the Editor of Salon Futura, Cheryl Morgan at the Bristol Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, Bristol Con10, earlier this year. Cheryl really liked one of my display images, X-Wing Assault, which I almost did not take to the convention, and I don’t know why either as I really like the image. The moment was a bit of a blur, I remember chatting about my work, especially this one, and prattling on totally missing the point that I was potentially being offered this awesome opportunity to have my work used as a cover to a Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine.

Fortunately for me, Cheryl Morgan is an extremely nice person and took my details anyway, several weeks later, and a handful of emails, and here is the published cover!

Ego aside, I love it, I think it looks brilliant with the full cover titling and layout. I think I am going to have to get a copy printed and put it on my wall at home. I have done one or two covers in the past, DVDs, Comics, etc. However, they have always been ‘not my art’. By this I mean, I am just the tool that has been available to create the desired image, it was not my work, but my skills that landed me the commission. With this thought, I think this cover will always be special to me, as it is the first time, my art has been used for a cover – queue the happy-joy-joy song from Ren and Stimpy.


  1. Congratulations Simon - your cover looks fantastic.


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