A Merry Crimbo!

Another year is almost gone and we now arrive at that time of over eating, bad television viewing, being nice to those you would rather avoid and a fat jolly man with a big red sack breaking into your home via the chimney stack to eat your cookies and drink your milk before leaving you gifts under your Christmas tree. You couldn't make it up could you?

Any-who, to business. My first idea for this weeks post was to reflect over the past twelve months and ponder those to come. However, I thought this is an obvious one for next week, and so instead I'm going to reflect on my Christmas past and a subject that is close to my heart: my favourite toys that Old Nick delivered all those years ago, and not any old toys either, but Star Wars toys!

Yes! Good old Star Wars toys! Form a time long, long ago when Star Wars was cool and sideburns were trendy!

In reverse order, here are the top five Star Wars toys I received as a kid, and still own lovingly to this day:

#5 MLC3 – the little tank thingy that wasn't in the film, 'The Empire Strikes Back' and as such is a 'Mini-Rig.' I'm not to sure why I loved this toy so much, the guns that clicked? The glass bubbled cockpit? I just don't know, but many hours of fun were had pushing this little fella about the living room and through the shed pine needles of the Christmas tree with Luke Skywalker at the wheel I can tell you!

#4 Stormtrooper – ah-yes, the rank and file of the Empires finest! I had lots of Stormtroopers one Christmas, which made me the envy of all the kids on the block as I could mount a sizeable invasion force to decimate the Rebel Scum at the hands of my Darth Vader figure. Quite simply, Stormtroopers rule, even though they can't hit the side of a Sand Crawler with their blasters.

#3 Snowspeeder – this awesome Rebel speeder was the highlight of one of my crimbos and no mistake, flashing light-up guns that made a blaster sounds, a harpoon gun on the back, a pop-out landing skid and and opening cockpit with room for two! I lost count of the hours of fun I had with this toy. My only disappointment with it, was the day that I removed the harpoon gun block (the gizmo that held the cord in place at the back of the speeder) and plugged it into an air vent in the wall of my parents house. As far as I know it is still jammed in that vent to this day and I still don't know why I did it either!

#2 AT-AT – The All Terrain Armoured Transporter! The largest toy from the Star Wars line for its day, and I got one! Boy, what an amazing toy it was too! Guns that make sounds and light up as they fire, room in the back for oodles of Stormtroopers and mini-rigs, a head the could be swivelled about via a controller in the body, the list goes on. The AT-AT coupled with the Snowspeeder lead to many re-enactments of the battle of Hoth in my parents living room or garden when I was a wee-nipper. There is only one thing that kept this toy off of my top crimbo Star Wars toy slot and that was...

#1 ...Twelve Inch Boba Fett - I can still remember pealing back the wrapping paper now in 1980 at my grandparents house in Luton in my Pjs and finding this guy looking back at me that brilliant Christmas morning. The twelve inch Boba Fett was armed to the teeth with gizmos and weapons, I remember watch Doctor Who and Worzel Gummidge on the TV via the 'scope action eye' built into Boba's head. Add to this a working rocket/harpoon firing backpack, guns, clicking range finders and wookiee pelts, this dude rocked and still has pride of place in my Star Wars collection thirty years later.

That's it, I hope you have enjoyed a trip down memory lane with me, I certainly have. Have a great Christmas, don't eat to much, and remember mince pies are evil! They want you to eat their scummy goodness to make you fat so that you are powerless to resist when they try to take over the world!

See you next week for a more sensible post where I'll have a look back at this year and give you the heads up on projects and events for next year, have a proper crimbo!


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