X-Wing Assault!

Back to the full page art once more with my latest rendering – X-Wing Assault!

X-Wing Assault by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

This image came about for two main reasons, one I wanted to create some spaceship art, and two, I wanted to create some Star Wars art. So I just combine the two – Simple.

Pulling this image together really took me back to when I was a kid and I used to deface all of my school text books with badly drawn TIE Fighters and X-Wings battling one-another – who didn't back then?

Something I set out to achieve with this image was the sense of dynamic space battles that you get watching the original Star Wars films (don't get me started on the new ones). I always remember Luke Skywalker shouting, 'Damn it Biggs! Where are you?' and then Wedge blasting the TIE Fighter and flying through the explosion and debris with a whoop.

Hopefully, that is what I have captured here with this image.

For the keen eyed, yes that is a TIE Interceptor being blown to bits in the background and not the original TIE Fighters from the first film. Interestingly, when showing this piece recently at the BristolCon, I was asked if they were called TIE Fighters because they look like bow-ties? I can happily confirm that, yes, that is true! The acronym of Twin Ion Engine Fighter only came about later to give it some meaning.

Who says you don't learn things reading my posts?


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